Monday, 13 August 2012

Updated - Here We Go !! - Give Me the Reason Why I Have to Still Sharing in This Blog

For all Ninja lovers and motorcycles fans who always visiting this blog, I have to say so sorry if in the future I can't share any new information again to all of you. I got many problems today and I want to know from you

"Give Me the Reason Why I Have to Still Sharing in This Blog"..

that is the question for all of you guys who cares about this simple blog.

I still remembered about my early post HERE, I posted it in 2009 and I so exited, but today it has broken, I lost my spirit and I don't know how to fix it, so guys pray for this blog and thanks you very much for all of your attention so far..

Still waiting the best way...
Updated !!

Happy Blogging !!!

I love to sharing about Ninja bikes also other motorcycles, today I don't care about anything just make a new post for this blog and hopefully it will useful for all visitors who comes to this simple blog and looking any motorcycles info and news, good luck for all of you and here is the starting line from the bad end.

Always riding safety guys and keep enjoy.


ninjarick64 said...

I got my first Ninja in 2008. It was a '91 zx600rr. It was in pretty good shape. Used to take it to Zorbas in Riverside for bike night. Got a lot of props for its classic look. I got rid of that one and bought a '92 zx6. only paid $1000 for it in Nov.'11. Great deal. Decent shape and faster than the first. Just last week bought a 2000 zx9r. Has cosmetic issues but runs like a banshee. Extremely fast. As I'm only 5'9" and 175lbs., I think it is just about right as far as power to my weight ratio. Might do some performance mods on it but seems fast enough for street use stock. I love my Ninja's!

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