Friday, 22 June 2012

One of the Best 2 Stroke Oil - Motul 510 2T

Motul 510 2T - 2 stroke oil libricantMotul 510 2T is one of the best 2 stoke oil lubricant which it still available in the market, why I try to post about it? well based from my experience (on my Ninja bike), Motul 510 offers many advantages for the engine and this oil has been recommended by many 2-stroke riders. What about the prices, well the Motul 510 2T oil lubricant is more expensive than other standard oil lubricant, but the performance of Motul 510 2T is good, even I can say it this is one of the best 2 stroke oil lubricant with fairly of price. Many of Motul 510 2T users said that this oil lubricant offers smooth engine, clean engine, stable engine temperature, almost no smoke, and many more. So if you already have a 2 stroke motorcycles such as Yamaha TZR 50, KTM 105 SX, Honda NSR 125 R, or also Ninja 150 2 stroke, Motul 510 may perfect for your bike, don't worry about the performance and trust me that the Motul 510 2T is one of may favorite lubricant for my 2 stroke engine, love it so much.

Motul 510 2T Specs

- Oil lubricant for 2-stroke engine bikes
- Technosynthese, Low Smoke
- Suitable for 2 stroke motorcycles (scooter, sport, off-road and other)
- Suitable for oil injector systems or premix
- Compatible with bikes which has catalytic converters features
- Product package : 1 Liter and 4 liters
- Prices : £7 - £30 (estimated)

Actually, there is still available another best oil lubricant for our 2 stroke engine like from Castrol 2T, Shell VSX 2T, and many more, but if you want to try one of the best 2 stroke oil, you can try it first from Motul, you may also compare it with other brands and you can decide which is the best for your bike.

Actually, I still searching for the best oil for my bike, and I want to compare it by my self, so, are you experienced about it? please share it with other 2 stroke user here.. Good luck and keep always riding safely.


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