Friday, 22 June 2012

Hyosung / Comet GT250R - Engine Designed by Ex-Suzuki!!

Hyosung / Comet GT250R

Actually I never know more about Hyosung Motorcycles, but so far I known that Hyosung is the Korean Motorcycles. A few days ago, I try to find more about this bike, it is because the 250cc motorcycles now very popular and Hyosung has GT250R series which it comes with 250cc of engine capacity, this bikes produces strong engine performance and style is good enough as entry level sporttbikes with full fairing designed. I have posted the 2012 Hyosung GT250R series, it has comes with beautiful engine and nice style, but you have to know that the 249 cc V-twin engine on the Hyosung GT250R was designed in Hamamatsu Japan !! and it has designed by Ex-Suzuki engineers (research and development teams)!!!!

Here is the story about Hyosung / Comet GT250R engine, comes from Wikipedia

The GT250R comes stock with a 249 cc V-twin engine. The Hyosung V-twin engine was designed in Hamamatsu Japan by a design team consisting of engineers who have previously worked in the research and development teams of Suzuki. Technical features include roller bearing camshafts, two-piece spring dampened bevel silent primary drive gears, dual squelsh combustion chambers; these features were previously confined to racing engines, and in the past have been uneconomical for manufacturers to incorporate into smaller capacity engines for street use. It utilizes a DOHC eight-valve engine configuration. Twin downdraft Mikuni carburetors were standard until 2008, when fuel injection became available. In Brazil, the Hyosung GT250R is sold by Kasinski, named Comet GT250R.

Note the bold words!

Hyosung GT250R or also called as Comet GT250R (in Brazil) has comes with 250cc engine capacity class, DOCH and V-Twin engine, the specs looks almost the same with the Ninja 250R, so with the Ex-Suzuki employees and designed in Japan, I thing the Comet or Hyosung GT250R has great engine specs and quality, while it comes from non-Japan or non-Europe brands, the engine looks still powerful and trusted.

Today, many of motorcycles ride who want to buy a new bikes will consider about the brands, they also usually buy a bike from popular motorcycles brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, and many more. What about the Hyosung? truly the Hyosung has not familiar with my ears, I just know the Hyosung bikes from Hyosung USA official site and Kasinski (Brazil), but today, with the information from Wikipedia, I believe that the Hyosung brands is good enough. Keep safety ride..


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