Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Fuel Injection (FI) Version - Prepared for 2012 Ninja 250 Line-Up

Kawasaki Motorcycles reportedly prepared the Kawasaki Ninja 250R fuel injection (FI) version which it will be marketed in many countries to completing their Ninja 250 carburetor line-up, as we know that Ninja 250 sportbikes is the global 250cc motorcycles from Kawasaki and now the Ninja 250 has a tough enemy, an enemy that comes from the big name, the bike is Honda CBR250R. CBR250R is the all new small Honda CBR motorcycles edition which it has comes with only 250cc engine of capacity, it has equipped with Fuel-Injection system, there is no available for CBR250R carburetor edition and all of CBR250R products in around the world comes with Fuel-Injection (FI) technology. So, to get the real attention from many riders in around the world, Kawasaki must immediately give the same value as the CBR250R with the Fuel-Injection features, I think that's the main reason why Ninja 250 FI have to born.

In October 2011, I have posted about the Ninja 250 with Fuel Injection system, (read here : Kawasaki Ninja 250R Injection), I have written that the FI edition comes into the special edition of Ninja 250 type, what about the carburetors? well the Keihin CVK30 x 2 carburetor replaced by Fuel injection KEIHIN ΓΈ28 X 2 for Ninja 250 SE.

As one of the phenomenal beginners motorcycles that I've ever found, Kawasaki 250 actually has many advantages such as sport style and the Twin-Cylinder Engine, that is the main features from Kawasaki 250 Ninja series, based from Kawasaki Canada, the new 2012 Ninja 250 comes with 249cc engine, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, Parallel Twin, DOHC, 8 valves, 6-speed transmission and produces 24 kW {32.6 PS} @11,000 rpm of maximum power (Ninja 250 carburetor edition), as you can see that the Ninja 250 carburetor edition has good performance, so I think the Ninja 250 Fuel-Injection will comes with better performance (defending FI settings) and low fuel consumption, while the official site showed the same performance, about 24KW of max power between carburetor and FI edition, but I believe that the FI edition will better, I hope it so..

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Red Black colors

Almost perfect!! that is the Ninja 250 motorcycles, I don't know why but I love the Ninja 250 series, started from 2008 edition until today, Ninja 250R always comes with interesting engine performance and awesome style, powered by 250cc engine class, DOCH Parallel-Twin engine, every beginner rider will falling in love to this bike!! don't forget that Kawasaki Ninja 250 also has cheap of prices. To get the perfect word from Me as motorcycles rider and to completing the Ninja 250 value, Kawasaki have to add more points such as ABS system and Fuel-Injection system to the bike, and please bring it to the global market!!, so the all new 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R can beat their rivals such as CBR250R. The good news is Kawasaki now understand, this is why many of sources reported that Kawasaki motorcycles now prepared the Ninja 250 Fuel Injection version. Let see together.

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Anonymous said...

In India kawasaki ninja was launched around 2010 with fuel injection and a maximum power of 33 bhp, only the American version is stuck with carb while the European version comes loaded with fuel injection, so the point I am saying is Ninja had fuel injection before 2010

Admin said...

I agree with you, but the Ninja 250 FI is not the global products, so the points are Kawasaki rumored will bring the Ninja 250 FI edition for other country, and it's looks a great way from Kawasaki to beat the CBR 250cc... thanks for your comment dude and ride with fun

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