Friday, 18 May 2012

No more for Kawasaki Ninja 150 M !!

No more for Kawasaki Ninja 150 M !!, that's all right, after all of this time presented by Kawasaki Motorcycles Indonesia (KMI) into the Ninja 150cc line-up, Kawasaki finally has stopped the Ninja 150 M production. Actually, there is no Kawasaki confirmation about it but I thing this is the right time to stop the Ninja 150 M series production, why? it's all because the prices of Ninja 150M and Ninja 150L/N is not so different, so many of Ninja 150 buyer have chosen the L series and not for M series.

Truly, I hate to write about this news, while many of Kawasaki 2-strokes lover who have limited budget and want to buy the lowest Ninja 150cc 2-strokes type, Kawasaki now has destroyed their dream with this news, well Ninja 150cc lover must have more money to get the lowest Ninja 150 type now by buying Ninja 150N series. Guys, last weeks, I have visited the Kawasaki dealer in the area of west Java, after seeing the bikes in there, I did not find the Kawasaki Ninja 150 M type, I just found the Ninja 150L, Ninja 150N, and the all new Ninja 150RR 2012 edition, it seems that Kawasaki has completely remove the Ninja 150 M type from Ninja 150cc list.

Kawasaki Ninja 150 M

Not all the Kawasaki 2-stokes liked the Ninja 150R (L/M) type which it has comes with sport cast-wheels and clip-on handle-bar, including me, in my opinion, the Kawasaki Ninja 150 M type is beautiful looks appears for racing style, it has comes with spokes wheels, higher handle bar position with touring handle-bar type, and rounded main-lamp on the front side and you will get many comfortable ride experience with it.

Kawasaki Ninja 150 M blue

Kawasaki Ninja 150 M is one of the best value/performance motorcycles, powered by 150cc 2-strokes engine, Super KIPs and 6-speed transmission, Ninja 150 reportedly has 30 PS of maximum power!!, one of the best 150cc motorcycles performance in it class also in the same prices. Well, if you want to try the Ninja 150 motorcycles type, now you have to work more, because the lowest prices of Ninja 150cc has gone from Ninja 150M and move into Ninja 150N (cast wheel with rounded head-lamp) type, okay that's it and I hope you will forgive the Kawasaki teams for it. Good luck, keep safety ride and happy riding, 2-stroke never dies!!.


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