Thursday, 8 March 2012

New Ninja 150 RR 2012 Edition - Ready for Order

As we have seen previously, Kawasaki Motorcycles Indonesia planned to introduce their newest bike the Kawasaki Ninja 150RR 2012 edition at the end of March of this month, New Ninja 150RR has comes with new looks but still equipped with old engine edition (150cc 2 strokes). For all of Ninja motorcycles fans, if you can not wait to buy a new gen of Ninja 150 (also called ZX-150RR in other country), Kawasaki has given an attractive offer to their fans, well although Ninja 150RR 2012 edition planned to present at the end of this month, but Kawasaki motorcycles seemly understand and you can start to order it now, yes new Ninja RR 150 is ready for offer right now, nice.
New Ninja 150 RR 2012
Based from several reliable news sources, the price of new Ninja 150 2-strokes will starting from 34 million IDR for a standard Ninja 150RR type, and 35 million IDR for the types of special edition. For the standard type, the all new Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR 2012 series will be available in 3 colors, black, red and also the flagship green, while for the special edition of new Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR will be available in white color with black stripes, you can see the green edition here : Ninja 150 RR New edition pics.

If I have to say honestly, new Ninja RR 150 2012 edition has been born with very fresh appearance, more futuristic, and look more better than before and just like the Ninja 250cc, but I don't know why I still loving and prefer to the old style type, it depends on individual taste and unfortunately, Kawasaki motorcycles will stop to selling Ninja 150 RR with the old model starting in March, this month.

So guys, if you want to ride a new type of Ninja RR 150 2012 edition, you can try to order it now at the Kawasaki dealer which it has been appointed, as well as for you who want to have a ninja RR 150 with the old model, you should immediately order it now because the production of older models will be stopped soon. Enjoy.


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