Wednesday, 16 May 2012

2012 Yamaha MT-03 : Strong Bikes!!

Yamaha MT 03
The strong and muscular style 600cc street-bikes class is here!! this is the new 2012 Yamaha MT-03. Yamaha MT 03 has a light weight bikes, compact designed, high torque performance, friendly handling and awesome looks appears, this bikes comes with 660cc of engine capacity, SOCH 4-valves single cylinder, fuel-injection system, 5-speed transmission with liquid cooled, the new 2012 Yamaha MT-03 reportedly has 48PS @6,250 rpm of maximum power with 5.73 kg-m @5,500 rpm of maximum torque, good enough. Actually, I love the style and design of the new 2012 Yamaha MT-03 series, the fuel-tank, rear side single shock-breaker and under seat muffler looks perfect on this bikes, you can see that this is the real muscular street-bikes looks right?

2012 Yamaha MT-03

As one of the most beautiful street bikes from Yamaha, MT-03 style is almost the same with Yamaha FZ8 series, yes it has designed with muscular street-bikes style, and strong looks appears, but the Yamaha MT-03 has lower engine capacity than FZ8 series.

While the style looks so muscular, actually the 2012 Yamaha MT-03 has light of weight about 192.4 kg of wet weight, equipped with minimalist frame (Steel tube truss diamond) and high tensile steel tubing, MT-03 designed to give maximum rigidity for better and responsive handling also give more rider experience. Solid and strong frame made, that is all about 2012 Yamaha MT-03.

Lets look into the Yamaha MT-03 parts, this bike powered by 298 mm Hydraulic dual disc brakes on the front side with 120/70-17 of tire type, and 245 mm Hydraulic single disc brakes with 160/60-17, this bikes also has completed with stylish cast wheel design. Yamaha seems want to give a real comfortable ride with high safety features, the dual-brakes system and large rear tire are good enough for handle it.

Created for torque performance lover, 2012 Yamaha MT-03 looks better than another bikes in it class, the plus point from this bike is deign, as you can see that Yamaha MT-03 has comes with beaituful strong bikes looks, I believe that you will agree with my opinion, so, if you looking for eye-catching 600cc street-bikes class, Yamaha MT-03 can be one of the best choice for you, it has produces high torque performance and better for stop and go riding style. Love it so much.


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