Saturday, 26 May 2012

Honda CBR250R - Carbon Modifications Parts

Looking for carbon modifications parts for your CBR? here is one of the best for you, here you will found many of CBR250R modifications parts with carbon made such as carbon front fender and carbon tank cover. If I have to tell the truth, there is so hard to find the trusted motorcycles modifications home place, I just found from TYGA Performance which it has available in many country such as in United Kingdom, United States, Japan and many more. Based from TYGA Performance official site at, the carbon modifications parts just only available for 2 parts. Here is the parts specs and prices.

1. Front Fender with Carbon Made for CBR250R

Front Fender with Carbon Made for CBR250R

This carbon mod parts compatible for Honda CBR250R also for other light-weight CBR, Honda CBR125 and Honda CBR150. While the standard front fender of CBR comes with ordinary looks, TYGA Performance has offered a nice aftermarket front fender part with carbon made, it has lighter than the stock and will boost your style. Prices taken on May 2012 about USD $103.09.

2. Rear Hugger with Carbon Made for CBR250

Rear Hugger with Carbon Made for CBR

To get the harmonious looks on your CBR250R, you also have to use the carbon rear hugger edition, it's not funny if you use the carbon front fender without carbon rear hugger right? it's still lighter and better than the stock looks. Prices about USD $146.73

3. Carbon Tank Cover - Mods Part for CBR250R

Carbon Tank Cover - Mods Part for CBR250R

And the last one is Carbon Tank Cover mod parts, looks beautiful huh, the prices about USD $63.20 USD. TYGA Performance also has offered a great deal for all Honda CBR lover, TYGA Performance has offered a Carbon Mod Parts with "Set" package, the prices for all carbon mods parts about USD $297.40!! you can save more than USD $10. So, are you ready to pimp your CBR250R? good luck for all of you.

Reference, pics courtesy to : TYGA Performance


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