Thursday, 14 October 2010

Motorcycle Movies List from 2000 to 2010

Here is the motorcycle movies list from 2000 to 2010, actually, I just know a few "motorcycle movies" as like Torque and also Ghost Rider. Today, when i try to find the best motorcycle movies, i found a lot of motorcycle movies list on wiki, Wow.. there are many of great movie? So.. what is that? Did you know Motorcycle Diaries? It's awesome motorcycle movie..

Motorcycle Movies Torque

Motorcycle Movies List from 2000 to 2010
1. Hellblock 13   (2000)
2. Hochelaga      (2000)
3. Biker Zombies  (2001)
4. Lone Hero      (2002)
5. Biker Boyz     (2003)
6. One Mans Island (Isle of Man) (2003)
7. Angel in Chains    (2004)
8. Torque             (2004)
9. Dhoom              (2004)
10.Motorcycle Diaries (2004) 
Motorcycle Diaries
11.Long Way Round      (2004)
12.Choppertown: the Sinners (2005)
13.The Rain Makers (2005)
14.The world's Fastest Indian FBK (2005)
15.Greed               (2006)
16.Iceland Adventure   (2006)
17.Race to Dakar       (2006)
18.Riding Solo to the Top of the World (2006)
19.Missionary Man              (2007)
20.Choppertown: From The Vault (2007)
21.Ghost Rider             (2007)
22.Wild Hogs               (2007)
23.Long Way Down           (2007)
24.[[Silk Road Adventure}} (2007)
25.Freebird                (2008)
26.Brittown                (2008)
27.Hell Ride               (2008)
28.Redline America         (2008)
29.Biker Mania             (2009)
30.One Crazy Ride          (2009)
31.The Harbortown Bobber   (2009)
32.TT (Isle of Man) (2010)
Want to watch the motorcycle movies? get on of them..
Recomended from Me as kawasaki ninja 250r blog owner :
1. Torque
2. Motorcycle Diaries
3. Biker Boyz
Okay.. have fun guys..


Mustacchio said...

Yeah, I think 'Torque' is a good movie, even in the last scene (ford chasing Henry) the effects are too visible. But overall "torque' is a good movie for biker.

poras tiwari said...

Nice move list It is a good movie for biker.

Anonymous said...

How can you guys consider Torque a good motorcycle movie? Lighting the road on fire because of how fast he's going, yet still able to weave through traffic? That would work if the riders were some kind of super humans like Jedi's but that movie is just garbage.

Admin said...

All guys : It's not only about real biker on the reality, Torque is good motorcycles movie because we can saw lot of Motorcycles brand in there, but I agree that movie effect is not so good. The point is "this movie showed lot of bikes, sports series, cruiser series, and more". Thanks for all comments..

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