Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kawasaki Z 750 : Now Available with Akrapovic Exhaust

The new Kawasaki Z 750 now will available with Akrapovic Exhaust, based from Kawasaki motorcycles official website at, the Kawasaki Z 750 looks will give better performance than before, but you have to know that Akrapovic is not the Kawasaki product, Akrapovic is one of the best aftermarket exhaust that always give more performance features than stock parts of motorcycles like in these Kawasaki Z 750 edition.

Kawasaki Z 750 with Akrapovic Exhaust (taken : March, 2012)

Kawasaki Z 750 with Akrapovic Exhaust
With all stock of motorcycles parts from Kawasaki Z 750, this bike rumored has more than 100HP of maximum power, it has comes from 748cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke, DOCH, inline four, 16 valve !! engine, with liquid-cooled, six speed transmission and also fuel-injection.

Based from 2011 Kawasaki Z 750 edition, the new Kawasaki Z 750 has comes with many of features such as cool design, powerful engine performance, comfortable ride features, digital display for panel, and also dual-exit single silincer exhaust. So if you want to get the new Kawasaki Z 750 edition, you should better asking to the Kawasaki dealers employer, is there any Kawasaki Z 750 with Akrapovic exhaust edition or not, if there available, you can get it for more performance and boost your looks appears. Good luck and keep safety ride.


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