Tuesday, 28 February 2012

2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R VS Ninja 650

Which is the best 600cc motorcycles for Me? 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R or Ninja 650?. That is just one of many question that has comes from many riders who want to get a new bikes with 600cc of engine capacity, and now I want to show you a comparison between 2012 Ninja ZX-6R VS Ninja 650. Before we try to talk about this comparison, I just want to tell you that both of bikes (ZX-6R / Ninja 650) is not in the same class, 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 is sport bike, even I just want to call in city sport bike with large engine capacity, it's almost like Ninja 250 with easy to ride and of course comfortable, then, the 2012 Ninja ZX-6R is supersport motorcycles series, so the style of ZX-6R looks so sporty, style, race looks, and racy design. Now, you can choose it with easy way, like the sport city ride (more comfortable)? or full race looks design with high performance?, if you still confusing, looks at the comparison table below.
2012 Kawasaki ninja zx-6r

Specs / Features     2012 Ninja ZX-6R          2012 Ninja 650
2012 Prices          $10,299                   $7,499
Engine capacity      600cc                     650cc   
Engine type          4-stroke, Inline 4        4-stroke, Parallel Twin
Engine details       DOCH, 4 valve/cylinder    DOCH, 4 valve
Cooling System       Liquid-cooled             Liquid-cooled
Bore X Stroke        67.0 x 42.5mm             83.0 x 60.0 mm
Compression Ratio    13.3:1                    10.8:1
Transmission         Six Speed                 Six Speed
Final Drive          X-Ring Chain              O-Ring Chain
Fuel System          Injection                 Injection
Frame Type           Aluminum perimeter        Twin-pipe perimeter
Rear Suspension      Bottom-link Uni-Trak      Single offset laydown
Rear Tire Size       180/55-ZR17               160/60-17
Front brakes         Dual 300mm, 4 piston      Dual 300mm, 2 piston
Curb Weight          421.2 lbs.                460.8 lbs.
Seat Height          32.1 in.                  31.7     
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650
As one of the best 600 super-sport bike series, Ninja ZX-6R has comes with many of high premium specs/parts, it's better engine with 600cc, DOCH inline four, while Ninja 650 comes with 650cc Parallel-Twin engine, 2012 ZX-6R also equipped with 4 pinto brakes system, Uni-Trak rear suspension, bigger rear tire size, and lighter of weigth than Ninja 650. The seat height of both of bikes is almost the same, so it's looks friendly enough for everyone, now the last decision, which is the bikes that you like?

Remember, the 2012 Ninja ZX-6R is more expensive than 2012 Ninja 650 series, and the colors of ZX-6R is more better with 2 combination while the Ninja 650 just solid colors, so if you need the real 600cc motorcycles, Ninja ZX-6R is one of the best for you, it has powerful engine performance, sharp looks, lighter of weight and race looks design, but if you has limited of budget, 2012 Ninja 650 is not bad, the 650cc Parallel Twin engine is good enough for riding in the city and yes it's more friendly handling and comfortable than 2012 ZX-6R. Happy hunting and good lucks.


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