Monday, 3 October 2011

2011 Kawasaki Z750

2011 Kawasaki Z750 is not so popular like Ninja's series, but it's good value motorcycles from Kawasaki with performance or power around 77.7 kW / 106 PS @10,500 rpm. Its not full sport motorcycles fairing style, it's street ride with perfect design, its looks simple appearance but has strong enough. 2011 Kawasaki Z750 powered by 748 cc of engine displacement, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line four, DOHC, 16 valves, 6-speed transmission with fuel-injection system. If we look in to the Kawasaki Z750 specs, the bike is almost complete for daily ride and the most important is the power performance, 100hp of bike can beat everything for beginner to medium motorcycles riders. From Kawasaki UK official website at said "Kawasaki Z750 is top value, top fun and top seller"
2011 Kawasaki Z750
If I noticed, 2011 Kawasaki Z750 motorcycle seems had a higher value, what is that? great power behind the simplicity style!!. Maybe for someone who understands about motorcycles, this bike will look really great, but for the layman, this bike looks very ordinary and this is why I really liked the Kawasaki Z750, standard ordinary appearance but comes with extraordinary performance, don't forget this motor-bike also has a fairly cheap price. 2011 Kawasaki Z750 is one of the great value street performance motorcycles for money from Kawasaki Motors.
white 2011 Kawasaki Z750
What's more? well 2011 Kawasaki Z750 has completed with instrument panel, aggressive styling, sculpted fuel tank design for better style and comfort when Z750 riding on the city or high speed, 2-piston calipers brakes delivered a high performance brakes system it's good for acceleration and of course safety ride for riders, 2011 Kawasaki Z750 also comes with dual-exit single silincer exhaust/muffler, as you can see, this bike has created with simple idea but honestly this bike was amazed Me!!
2011 Kawasaki Z750 Prices
2011 Kawasaki Z750 Prices
(Prices taken on Oct, 2011)
So.. it's not a motorcycle for real style lover like Ninja bikes family or other motorcycles with full sport race style, 2011 Kawasaki Z750 is special motorcycles for special rider who want to ride a powerful motorcycles with nice simple design, show up your performance and not only about style. Two thumbs Up for this bike.


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