Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yamaha Jupiter MX New White & Jupiter Z White : The White Killer

Yamaha Jupiter MX New White
Yamaha motorcycles Indonesia has completed the colors variant for all Jupiter line-up, today the Jupiter MX and Jupiter Z has ready with special clear white color, it's cool, elegant and I can call it as "The White Killer" for their rivals from Yamaha motorcycles. The special edition usually comes with more features, more performance and yeah it's also usually more expensive, but both of Yamaha bikes is almost the same with another colors variant. Jupiter MX white (or also called Yamaha Spark) and also Jupiter Z white has comes with the same engine, same features, there is no special things from the white edition, but Yamaha has added more decal and improved the looks appears, so if you have an older Jupiter MX or Jupiter Z edition, you shouldn't to crying right? your Jupiter series can fight with this special edition.

Jupiter Z White
Yamaha Jupiter MX with New White edition is not full white edition, as you can see that the black color has dominated the New Jupiter MX white edition, it's different with the Jupiter Z white edition which it's looks more clear, I mean the real white colors has comes into Jupiter Z graphics. I know that Yamaha motorcycles still trying to make their products looks better than their rivals as like from Honda products, Suzuki, Kawasaki or also from another motorcycles brands, the white colors products innovation looks good and I like it so much, like for white color edition of course.

If you never know about Jupiter motorcycles series, both of bikes (MX and Z) are two under-bone "sports style" bikes from Yamaha, it's has released by Yamaha in Indonesia, the bikes also released in another country likes in Thailand as Yamaha Spark 135 named (for MX). MX has powered by 135cc of engine capacity, 4 Valve SOHC, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, disc brakes (front side and rear side), and single-shock type on the rear side. Well, is it real white killer? you can share your opinion here, goos luck and congratulation for Yamaha motorcycles.


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