Friday, 20 January 2012

Bajaj Pulsar MotoGP Special Edition

Bajaj Pulsar series now ready with MotoGP style, here is Bajaj Pulsar MotoGP special edition and it's has comes from Pulsar Columbia motorcycles. There is 4 Pulsar series that comes with MotoGP special edition looks appears, starting from Pulsar 135, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220F and also Pulsar 220S edition. All of Pulsar series now completed with MotoGP graphics and added some features such as aluminum muffler protector or also aluminum caliper protector on the front brake system.

Bajaj Pulsar 220S MotoGP Special Edition
Pulsar Special Edition price list :
- Pulsar 135 LS: $ 4.550.000
- Pulsar 180 UG: $ 5.750.000
- Pulsar 220 F: $ 6.750.000
- Pulsar 220 Sport: $ 6.950.000
(Columbia prices at : taken January, 2012)

Bajaj Pulsar special edition
Features :
Aluminum caliper protector : It's the brakes features than can protect your front brake caliper, it's more better than standard series and better security and safety.

Dual seat design : Sporty style edition as full sport-bikes edition

Aluminum muffler protector : Improve your muffler style with sporty protector on GP edition.

New Carbon fiber tank protector with new graphic

Pulsar MotoGP special edition has comes with new decals and added new graphic on the body and fairing, and more.

Well, it's great move from Bajaj motorcycles to get more attention from Pulsar mania, in this case, the Pulsar MotoGP edition has comes with many features, it's better than before and looks not so expensive, you can get GP soul from Pulsar GP edition. Nice bikes !! enjoy your days.


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