Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Pulsar 180 Colors - Bajaj Motorcycles

Bajaj motorcycles released the all new colors variant for their Pulsar 180 cc edition. Truly there is available 3 colors edition from Bajaj motorcycles official website, red, blue and also solid black colors, but I will not showing the solid black Pulsar 180 edition because the clors is almost the same with older Black edition. You can see this bikes below, the all new Bajaj Pulsar 180 colors looks better with 2 colors combination huh.., it's has added a few decal on the rear side, check this out.

To provide more value to the Pulsar 180 series, Bajaj motorcyckes has made a great innovation which is pretty good move. If we look more closer into the latest appearance from new Pulsar 180, it's has look fresher and more sporty. We know that the first gen of Pulsar 180 has only have one color, and for some people, it's very boring. So, with the new colors variant, this bike is expected to attract more attention from bikers.

New Pulsar 180 Red Colors

New Pulsar 180 Red Colors
Can you see the difference between the new Pulsar colors with previous Pulsar 180 edition? yes the new colors has comes with black color on the rear side, both of color, for red edition and also for blue color edition.

New Pulsar 180 blue Colors
New Pulsar 180 blue Colors

Overall, New Bajaj Pulsar 180 has better looks appears than before, but there is not changes on the engine or performance. If you want to know more about this bikes, you can read it here :

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- Pulsar 180 UG4

Guys, as we all know, the competition in the entry level sport bikes has been ongoing, we can see the battle of entry sport bikes in India motorcycles market, lot of popular motorcycles brands has been released their bikes to fight with Pulsar 180, such as from Honda with CBR150R, Yamaha with Yamaha R15 version 2, and other, and of course Bajaj motorcycles have to do something to fight it.


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