Saturday, 10 December 2011

Suzuki Raider J

Suzuki Raider J is 110cc motorcycle that comes with nice looking and cool style. If you're the Suzuki motorcycles rider, you will know it that "Suzuki Raider J" is almost the same with Raider 150 design, but the engine has totally different. Suzuki Raider J uses 110cc of engine capacity with SOCH, 4 speed transmission and small size and also light weight, this bike made for good torque performance it's caused that Suzuki Raider J has larger bore of engine, fast acceleration and perfect handling as 110cc motorcycle type.

Suzuki Raider J
The small engine and style are keys of Suzuki Raider J, the bike has multi-reflector head-light it's cat eye style, the style also has better with racing soul bike fairing, under-cover engine, sport decal, and more.. here is more about Suzuki Raider J features.
Suzuki Raider J - features, design details
Suzuki Raider J - Features, Design Details
1. Suzuki sport race style series
2. Head lamp style "cat eye"
3. 109.7 cc, SOCH, 4-stroke engine
4. Engine under cover, lower cowling
5. Heavy duty front forks and stabilizer on rear suspension
6. Disc front brakes
7. Stylish muffler and cover

Well, Suzuki Raider J is quite interesting 110cc motorcycle, this bike comes with more design features, if the engine is not so special, but the style and appearance is good, the most disadvantages from this bike are missed rear mono-shock type and rear disc brake, but overall, Suzuki Raider J has give more value for 110cc motorcycles hunters, it's comes with under cover engine for protect your Raider J engine from dust, waters, stones and more, Raider J also has great headlamp style, looks like race bikes style. Well, I thing this bike will give more fun for you who want to ride the 110cc motorcycles with awesome style. Enjoy your bike and keep always safety ride.. see you in the next post of Suzuki Raider J series.


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