Friday, 9 December 2011

New Suzuki Rider R150 - Unique Girl Graphic Decal

The new Suzuki Raider R150 has come with unique decal graphic, it is unique girl graphic decal on center in to rear body position, awesome appearance for ladies who need a cute under-bone motorcycles with good 150cc DOCH engine bike. Okay, If I have to tell the truth, I almost did not see the girl picture on this bike, but after I noticed, there is appear a girl with long hair. Indeed, this picture hardly to looks like a girl, it's looks like tribal decal or something like that. Suzuki seems to want to give the different appearance and not standard style for this bike. Nice job!!

Can you see a girl on this 150cc bike?
Suzuki Raider 150R with girl graphic decal
I do not know what is the main purpose of this picture, I also have not found a statement from Suzuki about this girl decal which is attached to the Raider 150R. But if I had to guess, this is a strategy of Suzuki marketing team to attract more attention of girls / woman who want to buy a motorcycle. We know that there must be some girl who wants to have a motorcycle, with great ability and good performance which it must above of average bikes performance, and Suzuki Raider R150 is the answer for it.

More colors of Suzuki Raider R150 here
- Suzuki Raider R150 colors

Well, Suzuki Raider 150 has 106Kg of dry weight and 941mm of height, woman / girls motorcycles riders will love this bike, Raider R150 is one of light weight motorcycles with strong engine performance, it's also looks already for ladies with Raider R150 girl / woman decal, perfect yeah?. Girls, if you want to ride this bike, you should better learn more about manual-clutch because Raider 150 has comes with it. Good luck and enjoy the beautiful Raider 150 edition.


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