Friday, 2 December 2011

2009 Honda Metropolitan - 50cc Scooter

Honda Metropolitan
2009 Honda metropolitan scooter is 50cc motorcycles from Honda that comes with simplicity and ease to ride. As one of 50cc scooter from Honda, Metropolitan scooter looks so simple with semi-classic motorcycles style, you can see the rear design, 2009 Honda metropolitan has rounded style and it's unique and also cute 50cc scooter from Honda, the style, mirror, rounded headlamp, classic handle bar design, it's all about stylish 50cc scooter with cheap prices for all scooter fans.
What is the most important thing from 50cc scooter? that's all right, the fuel consumption, 2009 Honda metropolitan is only 50cc scooter, this mini scooter has 114 of MPG with 1.32 gallons of maximum fuel capacity, great for 50cc class and it has over than 100 MPG.

Rear style of 2009 Honda metropolitan 50cc scooter
2009 Honda Metropolitan
For 50cc scooter class, Honda also already with Ruckus, you can read more about Ruckus scooter here (Honda Ruckus). Ruckus and Metropolitan is different, Ruckus look more extreme design while the metropolitan looks simple and i thing it's perfect scooter for young peoples or also for woman. Basically, Honda metropolitan scooter comes with 49cc of engine displacement, single cylinder, 4 stroke, and has liquid cooled, this bike has full automatic transmission with Automatic V-Matic belt drive.

2009 Honda Metropolitan
- Prices $2,049 (Des, 2011)
- 50cc scooter
- Stylish design
- Low and friendly fuel consumption
- Automatic transmission
- Light weight with only 176 lbs (ready to use)
- Colors Ocean, Ghost, Monza, Graphite
- Meets Current CARB and EPA standards
- All brakes uses Drum brake and ready with CBS tech
- 90/90-10 of front and rear tires
- 28.3 inches of seat height
2009 Honda Metropolitan white

Looking for cheap and good 50cc scooter? 2009 Honda metropolitan is one of the best for you, the style, engine, handling and also prices is very very friendly for all motorcycles riders who need a cheap scooter with lot of advantages.


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