Saturday, 12 November 2011

Suzuki 250 - GSX250R

If you know more about Suzuki GSX-R, truly Suzuki has GSX250R as sportbike 250cc, this is one of 250 cc engine motorcycles from Suzuki, but is there any new bike right now? well, where is Suzuki 250 cc sportbike right now? is there any 250cc bike from Suzuki for 2011 or 2012?. Unfortunately we can't found it right now, not yet but the street bike edition will coming soon for around the world, that's Suzuki GW250

Honda CBR250R, Ninja 250R, Hyosung GT250R are the beginner sport-bike motorcycles that was ready for riders today, So I want to see the real sport-bike from Suzuki to join with another 250cc sport-bike series in the market. Did you know about Suzuki GSX250R? you can read it more here - Suzuki GSX250R, that's strong 250cc sportbike motorcycles from Suzuki, here is some features of GSX250R, lovely bike !!
Suzuki GSX250R
GSX250R : 250cc, DOCH, 4-stroke, in-line 4, 16 valve !!
The best things from Suzuki GSX250 is strong engine and race style design, when people looking the new bike, there is 2 important points, power and style, and GSX250R has it all. The style was born with race looks, as you can see, this Suzuki 250cc has full sport fairing, windshield, sport fender eliminator, and others. How about performance? don't worry, Suzuki GSX250R has 45 PS @15,000 rpm !!!

The old Ninja 250 or EX250 also has better performance than new ninja 250 2008 until today, but Kawasaki has replaced the old style with new modern style design and it's looks great, So why Suzuki not release the all new Suzuki GSX250R? I thing Suzuki will get more fans if they want to sell the all new GSX250R and don't forget to change the old design with the new one.

Suzuki GW250 - New Suzuki street fighter motorcycles
Suzuki GW250
250cc, 2 cylinder parallel twin engine, liquid-cooled

Is new GW250 strong enough? for Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki ninja 250, Suzuki GW250 is not the right rival, GW250 just street-fighter motorcycles and not in the same class with CBR and Ninja.

If there any change in this 250cc sport class, the line-up will be like this

- Suzuki GSX250R
- Honda CBR250R
- Kawasaki Ninja 250R
- Yamaha 250CC sport-bike

So, it's looks more interesting right? than only CBR VS Ninja, I felt bored with the news which only talking about CBR250R or Ninja 250.

Suzuki GSX250R is the right choice for Suzuki if they want to release the 250 cc sport-bike to beat the CBR or Ninja. Will it? I hope it so.


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