Monday, 17 January 2011

Suzuki GW250 - Suzuki Motorcycles

It's awesome mini B-King !! that's all right, Suzuki GW250 come from Suzuki motorcycles. Suzuki GW250 is 250cc motorcycles with touring / street fighter style, this bike isn't sport-bike series with fairing.
Suzuki GW250
Today, We have a lot of 250cc motorcycles variant as like Ninja ZX250R or Ninja 250R and Honda CBR250R, but it's Suzuki time with new Suzuki GW250. This bike was released at China motorcycles show.I have one question for Suzuki, is it bought to another Asia market place? is it will bring to Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, or to Europe? We know that India and also Indonesia is big market place for selling this bike, GW250 with 250cc of engine displacement is perfect for beginner rider and we know that, right now, 250cc motorcycles is so popular, we can see the Kawasaki and Honda 250cc series, Ninja 250R and also Honda CBR250 can be the most popular bike for beginner rider, why? because it's easy to ride with cheap prices.

Key of Suzuki GW250 Specs :
engine 4-strokes
Engine 2 cylinder
Capacity : 250cc
Cooling : liquid cooled
Power :26HP @8500RPM
max torque 2,42 @7000RPM

Suzuki GW250 will bring to China and Brazil first.


shandy said...

suzuki ninja type are probably not as good as the latest type of products suzuki ninja but I always wanted to buy it

Admin said...

There is not Suzuki ninja..
it's Suzuki GW250.. and Ninja 250 has full sport fairing type

Anonymous said...

Nothing matters in bike power nor faring nor anything.

Admin said...

It's all about power to weight ratio brother, the bike with no full sport series usually comes lighter, it's impact to total power if the both of motorbikes has the same power right?

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