Saturday, 19 November 2011

2011 Yamaha BWs 125 - Yamaha Scooter

Scooter is fun mini motorcycles and it's easy to ride, 2011 Yamaha BWs 125 as one of Yamaha scooter line-up is one of them. Powered by 125 code, 2011 Yamaha BWs 125 is good beginner motorcycles for everyone, you have to know that BWs 125 is 4 stroke engine scooter motorcycles and not 2 stroke type, so if the Yamaha BWs 50 comes with 2 stroke engine, BWs 125 has come with 4 stoke type, this is the most important thing from difference between BWs 125 and BWs 50, you can read more about smallest Yamaha BWs series here (Yamaha BWs 50). Basically, 2011 Yamaha BWs 125 uses single cylinder 125cc engine with 4-valve, SOCH, air cooled with fan, and automatic transmission.

2011 Yamaha BWs 125
2011 Yamaha BWs 125 prices started at : MSRP $4,299 . This 125cc scooter looks so classic modern looks, in my opinion this bikes has comes with unique style, the sharp design comes with modern shape, but as you can see on the pic above, BWs 125 powered by dual rounded front lamp, it's produced better lighting and classic looks appears, see also the mirrors style, it's nice rounded style.
2011 Yamaha BWs 125 scooter
What's the most important features from scooter? fuel consumption !! Well, 2011 Yamaha BWs 125 claimed has ~ 107 mpg, taken from Yamaha site. So, this 125cc scooter looks very very friendly for everyone who need a compact strong 125cc scooter with modern classic style, it's also has good fuel consumption with more than 100mpg.

2011 Yamaha BWs 125 Main Features
- Engine : 125cc, SOCH, 4 valve, 4 stroke
- Fuel Injection
- Fully automatic transmission
- 1.0 kg-m (7 ft-lb.) @ 6,000 rpm of max torque
- Good fuel economy (107 mpg estimated)
- Electric Starting
- 33mm front fork suspension size
- Dual shock rear suspension
- 220mm front disc brake
- cast aluminum 5-spoke style
- Hand guards
- Anti-theft 3-in-1 main ignition
- Sporty instrument panel
- Two-person seat
- Wet Weight - 122 kg (269 lb)
- Seat Height - 780mm (30.7'')

2011 Yamaha BWs 125 cc is light weight scooter, as you can see, this bike just only 122 Kg of weight, looks very easy and friendly handling for all new riders even for woman who need a scooter bike for daily activity. The sport classic modern looks is "ON" with BWs 125, hand guards and lamp guard are the sports style series. Well the 2011 BWs 125 appearance is unique and thumbs up for Yamaha, if you want to ride 125cc scooter, Yamaha BWs 125 2011 edition is one of the best for you, why? guys.. in my head, BWs 125 is complete scooter series, it's light weight and good for all riders, it's friendly fuel consumption, awesome style, full features such as safety features on the ignition, comfortable ride with two-seat style. 2011 Yamaha BWs has comes with all features for riders needs.


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