Saturday, 19 November 2011

Minerva R150VX - Cheap 150cc Sport Motorcycles

Based on information from Minerva SACHS, Minerva R150VX is a quite attractive appearance motorcycles with full sport race design and fairing style. Minerva R150VX only have 150cc of engine capacity, is it enough for motorcycles riders? with the nice appearance, R150VS is one of the best friendly prices for budget, so this bike looks perfect for new riders who want to buy the 1st bike for daily or for studying with only 115Kg of R150VX dry weight. Brothers, some countries in Asia, 150cc motorcycle has be the one of the power of motorcycles sales which is quite popular, it's because the 150cc motorcycles have a fairly cheap price and usually comes with a variety of options, full fairing or a street version without fairing.

Minerva R150VX
Here is Minerva R150VX prices: ~ $1875*
* IDR = 16.500.000
* 1 USD = 8800 IDR
(from Minerva SACHS Indonesia, Nov, 2011)

Minerva R150VX is the next gen of Minerva 150R (based on my knowledge), R150VX uses 147 cc of engine capacity, SOCH, 4 stroke, and oil cooler. What about the performance and power? well as you know, this bike has fairing style and has 115 Kg of dry weight, this bike has 13.5 PS @9500 RPM of maximum power and also 10.5 Nm @7000 RPM of maximum torque, not so powerful but again it's friendly 150cc motorcycle for new riders.

As sport fairing 150cc motorcycles, Minerva R150VX powered by 5 speed transmission, it's looks missed 6th gears but it's still okay and not be the problem. On the front side position, this bike has come with upside-down suspension, double piston disc brake, 80/90 x 17 tubeless of tire size and type, projection headlamp and LED turn lamp. Back to the rear side, Minerva R150VX uses mono-shock suspension, double piston disc brake, 120/70 x 17 tubeless of tire size and type.

Full specs here : Minerva R150VX specifications

Minerva R150VX is cheap 150cc motorcycles with good appearance, the performance is not so great but it's still enough for new riders. As one of the cheapest 150cc motorcycles, Minerva R150VX delivery a full sport motorcycle model with average engine performance. Enjoy your ride.


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