Sunday, 23 October 2011

Simoncelli dies : R.I.P after crash in Sepang Malaysian MotoGP

Simoncelli dies after crash in Sepang circuit, Malaysian MotoGP 2011, 23 October 2011. As has been reported by BBC News and AutoSport, after he suffered horrific crash in Sepang, finally he was reported died. R.I.P for you Marco Simoncelli, God Bless you.

Simoncelli accident started when he fell from motorcycles, he can't handle the front side of bike, he entered the line-track area of ​​the two riders behind him,Edward and Rossi bumped into him, Simoncelli helmet had come off !!.

As mentioned above, Simoncelli accident involving Valentino Rossi (Ducati) and Colin Esdward (Yamaha). Actually, at that time, Simoncelli was at war with the Suzuki rider Alvaro Bautista, their in the great race part, but when he run into bend to the right track, Simoncelli seemed less fortunate, and there it's a scary accident. Rossi was also involved in the accident but he still can control the motorcycle, Edward has been dropped, but he was rumored no serious injury.

With this accident, finally, the race at Sepang Malaysian MotoGP has been stopped.

News about Simoncelli died it's quite surprising for us, Simoncelli is one of the MotoGP rider who is still young age, an accident which caused the death of the MotoGP riders is really very sad to hear, Simoncelli was aged 24 years !!.

I hope the fatal accident / crash will not happen again to another MotoGP riders, and hopefully news about Simoncelli died is the last of horrific moment on MotoGP. RIP for you Marco Simoncelli, we're as riders will always love you and we pray for you.

(Pic Source : BBC)
(News Source :BBC News and AutoSport)


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