Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Street Bike Kawasaki ER-4n VS Old Sport Bike ZXR400

Actually, this is a battle between 2 brothers, yup.. the all new street bike "Kawasaki ER-4n" VS old sport bike "Kawasaki ZXR400". As we know, Kawasaki was released a Ninja 400R (sport series) and also the Kawasaki ER-4n as street-bike series, but what it can happens if we compare it with an older sibling? this time, we'll come back with one of the 400cc motorcycles from Kawasaki which has been popular in Japan and In Europa in 90's, the bike namely Kawasaki ZXR400.

Kawasaki ER-4n
Kawasaki ER-4n
Truly, I have written about this bike here Kawasaki ER-4n, Kawasaki ER-4n is not like Kawasaki ZXR400, the ER series looks for street even for semi-touring motorcycles. Powered by 399cc or almost 400cc of engine capacity, DOCH, parallel twin engine, 8 valve, 4-stroke, liquid cooled and six speed transmission, Er-4n rumored has 70 hp!! this is a great bike for street track, are you really need motorcycles with more than 50 hp of maximum power for riding in the city? I don't thing so..

Kawasaki ZXR400
Same as ER-4n, I have written about this bike here (Kawasaki ZXR400), Kawasaki ZXR400 is one old series Kawasaki motorcycle which is very powerful for beginners, with 400cc of engine displacement, this bike can provide power for more or less / around 60hp!! and top speed around 221 km / h!!, quite interesting in there. The different thing between ZXR400 and also ER-4n is style, but both of them is still in the same class, that's is 400cc motorcycles from Kawasaki. if we look more consider, it seems to affairs power, both motorcycles are almost the same power 60hp to 70hp, you can see by yourself, it's just ER-4N look more refreshed, and look more powerful, this may be due that ER-4N had no fairing on the body.

This is the first comparison for 400cc bikes, and in the next articles, I will write about the all new bike on the battle area, it's just for fun only and to remind you that long ago, Kawasaki has a motorcycle with 400cc of engine capacities, and the power is not so different, like Kawasaki ER-4n VS ZXR400. So if you want to get a old bike or used motorcycles, don't worry about the power and also performance, you can easy to compare it, but compare it with the same engine capacity and bikes type of course. Good luck for your day.


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