Sunday, 9 October 2011

Kawasaki ER-4n

The 400 cc motorcycles is not so popular today, but now let see the Kawasaki ER-4n as one of the 400cc motorcycles that available from Kawasaki right now. Kawasaki ER-4n looks interesting to the novice rider. If you want a motorcycle that is more powerful than the Kawasaki 250, but more friendly handling, lighter, and cheaper than the ninja 650R or also Kawasaki ER-6n series, the Kawasaki ER-4n is a pretty wise to choice. As we know, Kawasaki ninja 250r is more popular than another beginner bike today, but if you thing that 250cc is not enough for you, you should better check a larger engine capacity than Kawasaki 250. Kawasaki ER-4n comes with great engine, nice style as ER-6n but it's more fun for beginner motorcycles riders, a key of Kawasaki ER-4n is light weight and good handling.
Kawasaki ER-4n
Kawasaki ER-4n comes with 399cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke, fuel-injection, DOCH 8 valve, parallel twin engine, liquid cooled, and also 6 speed transmission. As you can see, The specs between ER-4n and ER-6 series is not so different, there just engine capacity. ER-4n is a light weight street-touring bike, compact chassis, light handling, and nice tall fuel tank design. Riding with Kawasaki ER-4n looks fun and comfortable for beginner, it's caused the Kawasaki ER-4n also has low seat height, ergonomics riding style, low / minimal vibration, unique rear mono-suspension and weight has only 199 kg. What about the safety? Er-4n completed with dual petal disc on the front and it will provides good stability and fast breaking. If we talk about the appearance, it's all almost same with ER-6 series, Kawasaki ER-4n has sharp aggressive design, beauty radiator shrouds, compact tail design, digital display, and nice aluminum passenger grips.

Well it's nice 400cc street-bike so far, Kawasaki seemed to understand that the Kawasaki motorcycles fans also some bikers wanted another motorcycle with good appearance but engine, power and also performance  better than only 250cc, if you feel bored with the 250cc motorcycles, but you don't want a motorcycle that has a capacity of over than 500cc, Kawasaki ER-4n seems is an excellent choice. With a power that is better than 250 cc, and excellent appearance, also cheaper prices than 600cc or 500cc bikes, no other words than perfect motor-bikes for Er-4n. I found this bike from Kawasaki Japan and I don't know is Kawasaki ER-4n will release in another country or not.


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