Friday, 30 September 2011

Yamaha Virago - Cruiser Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha Virago is a V-Twin motorcycle cruiser from Yamaha, Yamaha Virago has many of types such as Virago 750 cc, Virago 250 cc and also Virago 500 cc. This bike is reportedly as one of motorcycle cruise bikes that in first time using a mono-shock type of rear shock side. In 1981, Yamaha Virago 750 cc was introduced into the market, and then Yamaha motorcycles company makes another type of Yamaha Virago class, which uses the engine for 900 cc and 500 cc.

Yamaha Virago 250
After uses of rear mono-shock on the Virago bikes, Yamaha has been changed it into dual-shock type, It's seems that Yamaha may want to showing a classic style, and also the feel of a true cruiser on this bike. A few years later, Yamaha has changed several types of Virago, the engine type and capacity also changed and has many variant, for example, Yamaha Virago 750 cc has been replaced with a Virago 699 cc and Yamaha Virago 900cc class was replaced by Virago 1000 cc. in the late of 80s, Yamaha added again of his troops by adding Yamaha Virago 250, with 250cc of Virago like this, it seems this bike has been specially created for the novice bikers who want to try the cruiser motorcycles with low-medium power, easy and friendly handling and of course friendly prices.
Yamaha Virago 750
  • Yamaha Virago cruiser series
  • Yamaha Virago XV125
  • Yamaha Virago XV250
  • Yamaha Virago XV400
  • Yamaha Virago XV500
  • Yamaha Virago XV535
  • Yamaha Virago XV700
  • Yamaha Virago XV750
  • Yamaha Virago XV920R
  • Yamaha Virago XV1000/TR1
  • Yamaha Virago XV1100,XV400
Today, The Yamaha Virago has changed its name becoming Yamaha V-Star and also Road star Series. For example, in 2008, 2007 Yamaha Virago 250 has changed into a Yamaha V-Star 250. So.. the Virago class was changed into V-Star.

(reference : Wikipedia and Yamaha Motorcycles official website)


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