Sunday, 20 March 2011

Yamaha Virago 250 - Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha Virago 250 come for complete 250cc Yamaha motorcycles line-up, let see what is "Yamaha Virago 250" series. Truly, I ever tell you about another Yamaha Virago series in my older post, but there is not 250cc Virago motorcycles, there is almost 550cc bike, read more here : Yamaha Virago 535. Yamaha Virago 250 is entry level motorcycles and it's good bike for all beginner rider, oh yeah it's cruiser motorcycles series. This bike come with 249cc of engine displacement, air-cooled, SOHC, 60-degree V-twin engine.
Yamaha Virago 250

Yamaha Virago 250 Key Features :
1. 5 Speed transmission
2. 250cc SOCH 60 degree V-Twin engine
3. air cooling
4. Seat Height 27" (~68.5 cm)
5. Dry Weight 302 lb (~137 kg)
6. Fuel Economy 78 mpg (~34 km/L)
7. Fuel Capacity 2.5 G (~9.5 L)
8. Maximum speed around 137 km/h

Today, Yamaha Virago 250 and also all Yamaha Virago series has changed and named Yamaha V Star series. see more here : 2011 Yamaha V Star 250. Good luck guys.


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