Friday, 18 February 2011

Yamaha Zuma - 50cc bike motor scooter

Yamaha Zuma is one of 50cc scooter from Yamaha, this is very interesting for me, why? because there are another 50cc bike motor in the market and Yamaha have another 50cc scooter such as Yamaha Aerox series. So.. Yamaha Zuma is more simple and also more light (my opinion) Yamaha tell to us that Yamaha Zuma scooter designed for fun and also practicality and it's simple 50cc bikes,, nice.
Yamaha Zuma
2011 Yamaha Zuma
see? Yamaha Zuma is very simple and I believe that this is very user friendly 50cc bike motor and of course easy to handle and ride. Compare it with another 50cc scooter from Yamaha below

It's 2010 Yamaha Aerox R 50.

Key features from Yamaha Zuma 50cc scooter
1. 50cc of engine displacement 2-stroke scooter
2. Simple and practicality bike
3. Ignition : DC CDI
4. 155mm disc front brake
5. Fuel Capacity : 1.5 gal
6. Fuel Economy : 123 mpg
7. Seat Height : 30.1 in
(specs, pics and reference :Yamaha official website)

What about the Yamaha Zuma price? it's around $2,390 (MSRP) (2011 edition), with cheap price, you can easy bought simple scooter from Yamaha to your garage, I like the 50cc bike motor because the practicality and also easy to ride, it's more safety that 600cc bike right?. Easy, simple, cheap, good performance with 2-stroke type, Yamaha Zuma is value bike for entry level or beginner rider. Good luck guys.


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