Thursday, 8 September 2011

Motorcycles and Riders - Speed or Design?

Before we buy a motorcycle, we will define some important points such as design, price, and also the speed of the motorcycle itself, if you're as one of them, what is the main point before you buy a motorcycle?. We know that not all the people likes speeding on the bikes, but I believe, almost every riders need the motorcycles speeds information before they bought it one. Then, why the speed or design is important for riders?

Everyone loves the goods that accordance with their individual taste, we will definitely feel comfortable if we taking goods that suitable with our taste, is not it? as well as motorcycles, if you are an office worker, you will choose a motorcycles that comfortable and also easy to drive such as Suzuki Burgman 400, but if you're a young man, then obviously the choice is a motor-sport that has a very great appearance as race bikes.
2011 Suzuki Burgman 400 ABS
The point is, choose a motorcycle according to the age, the motorcycles design, and also motorcycles performance that you want. For some motorcycle rider, fast motor-bike is everything, they sometimes do not even care about the appearance, design, and features of the bike, they just care about the speed gained by his motorcycle, one of the best fat bikes in Suzuki Hayabusa.
Suzuki Hayabusa
But wait, many of people are only concerned with appearances, they just want to look cool and don't care about performance. So what about you? do you like a fast motorcycles? or great design of the bikes?


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