Friday, 9 September 2011

Yamaha has not given up on MotoGP 2011

Yamaha has not given up on MotoGP 2011, that's all right, and it's very interesting for me, in this year on MotoGP championship, Yamaha team which some time ago always in under pressure of Honda team, in the race last week, Yamaha again be the best. Lorenzo, seems to be in the best performance, he can beat some of the Repsol Honda riders, as we know, Stoner is one of the stars in MotoGP this year, he can quickly adapt to the Honda MotoGp bike and won the race in several race.
Lorenzo on Yamaha MotoGP at Misano
Lorenzo on Yamaha MotoGP at Misano
In fact, Yamaha can do more in this year at MotoGP, Yamaha just need a consistent performance, and always calm. We known that Honda team has in top points, and Yamaha below the Honda, but I thing race is not about win and be the winner, but it's all about great competition on the race. I always likes the battle between Stoner and also Lorenzo on the circuit, and I thing this is the real race.

Can Yamaha and Lorenzo do the same thing in the next race?, is Lorenzo can win the race again? such at Misano last week? well, as my title post, Yamaha has not given up on MotoGP 2011 guys, the battle still begin and the winner unpredictable, it's hard to predict because Yamaha always showed a good performance, and as we known Honda still the best.


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