Friday, 19 August 2011

Yamaha must be immediately release the New Yamaha R15

Where is New Yamaha R15?, let see guys.. Want to survive in the hearts of the consumers? like the title that has been written, Yamaha 15 must immediately release the latest New Yamaha R15. Currently, in some countries, particularly in the country which has the consumers and motorcyclists who choose motorcycles in range around 150cc - 250cc class, Honda has been at the front of the Yamaha, why?, after some time ago introduced the all new 250cc sport-bike Honda CBR250R and also New Honda CBR150R in Thailand, Honda bought both of the new CBR bikes in to around the world, and sell their new products in almost over in 20 countries!!.
Yamaha R15
What about Yamaha? well, Yamaha apparently still can't see it, Yamaha does not have great news lately, probably only the New R15 news that is often passed in a motorcycle website, but it sounded too long, only a few days ago, Yamaha announced their new R15 motorcycle in the next month. Honda and also Yamaha is most popular motorcycles brand in around the world, Yamaha with R series such as Yamaha R6, Yamaha R1, and Yamaha R15, and also Honda motorcycles brand with CBR series such as CBR250R, CBR600R or CBR1000RR and others. Honda look so strong today by released lot of new motorcycles to the market, if Yamaha want to survive for quickly, Yamaha have to release a good motorcycles that can fight with Honda brand in the same class. Honda already with New 2011 CBR150R and Honda CBR250R, let see what can Yamaha do to kick back the Honda bikes, it's sound interesting for me as motorcycles rider.

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