Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2011 Yamaha Vmax

Here we go the ultimate muscle bike, 2011 Yamaha Vmax has coming. Guys, if you want to get the super power motorcycles, 2011 Yamaha Vmax is the best choice, the Vmax Yamaha powered with high end features and also awesome looks appears and also beauty design. 2011 Yamaha Vmax come with great machine for you, the 1679cc of engine capacity, liquid-cooled of cooling system, 65° V-4 engine, DOHC, and it's 4 valves/cylinder motorcycles. thumbs up !! don't forget that this muscle bike also come with Fuel Injection system (YCC-T and YCC-I).
2011 yamaha vmax
What about the power? Well, 2011 Yamaha Vmax has 175 HP @9000 of max power and 153 nm @6600 of torque. Max top speed of Yamaha Vmax around 235 km/h !! it's not for beginner rider, the speed more than 200 km/h is too fast for me, but it's really monster muscle bike from Yamaha Motorcycles, when you ride it, you can get anything, style, good design, awesome engine and also fast motorcycles!!

2011 Yamaha Vmax :
1. 1679cc - DOCH, 4-valves/cy;inder
2. Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
3. TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
4. 5 speed transmission
5. Seat Height 30.5 in
6. Wet Weight 683 lb / 685 lb (CA model)
(specs and pics reference :

2011 Yamaha Vmax produced the high performance muscle motorcycles, if you want to try the "real muscle bike" series, I thing Yamaha Vmax series in one of the best motorcycles from Yamaha for you. Everything about muscle bike is Yamaha Vmax, want to get more speed? Vmax was ready, design? features? it's enough with only one bike, yeah 2011 Yamaha Vmax !!. Good luck guys.


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