Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ducati Monster 620 - Ducati Motorcycles

Today, let see about Ducati Monster 620 series, if you know more about Ducati Mostorcycles, you will find that Ducati Monster 620 is almost same with another Ducati Monster series, when I try to find out about this bike, I thing Monster 620 looks like Ducati Monster 696 series, but it's not, it's Ducati Monster 620, so let see looks more closer about this moror-bike
Ducati Monster 620
Ducati Monster 620 come with 618cc of engine capacity, with L twin cylinder and 2 valve/cylinder, there is air cooled on this bike (not liquid-cooled) but this bike uses fuel-injection system. The maximum power of Ducati Monster 620 is around 63Hp @9500 rpm, well I thing it's not so special, but still good for beginner rider. Maximum torque around 5.7Kgm @6750 and it's good for touring with good torque at low rpm. Ducati Monster 620 also come with standard six-transmission.

People usually choose the bike with friend handling and also comfortable to ride, Ducati Monster 620 is it, with only 770 mm of seat height and also 168Kg of weight bike, Ducati 620 is good motorcycles from Ducati for all new rider who try the Ducati Monster edition. 620cc engine is friendly for new rider, I thing Monster 620 is entry level bike for new rider, it's easy to ride, comfortable and of course friendly and comfortable to ride, don't worry about power and performance, I thing bike with more than 50Hp is enough for daily ride.
see also the entry class :
1. Ducati Monster 796
2. Ducati 600 SS
Ducati Monster 620 is good entry level bike from Ducati Motorcycles. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The 620 is actually a 5 speed. I wish it were 6

Admin said...

@Anonymous : Are you sure?
I still believe that Ducati 620 uses 6 speed transmission

for sample 2006 Ducati 620, check this address

for 2005 Ducati 620 :

Is there any Ducati 620 with 5 speed transmission? where you found that?

Admin said...

Check or
2005 and 2006 Ducati 620 was 6 speed transmissions.

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