Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc - Best Value for your ride

If you're know the Bajaj Pulsar series, you will love this bike, yeah it's Bajaj Pulsar 150cc series. Pulsar 150 DTS-i is one of the best value motorcycles for your ride, cheap price but good performance, you know, I love this Pulsar series. "Bajaj Pulsar 150cc" is not flagship product from Bajaj Motorcycles, there is still available another Bajaj Pulsar variant that have more power and also more good performance such as Bajaj Pulsar 220, Pulsar 200 or also Bajaj Pulsar 180, but I thing Bajaj Pulsar 150cc is awesome motorcycles with good price to performance value.
Bajaj Pulsar 150cc

Bajaj Pulsar 150 means that this bike powered with 150cc of engine capacity, it's medium class for sportbike series. There is good performance from this Bajaj Pulsar type, Pulsar 150cc has 15.06 Ps @9000 rpm of maximum power, and also 12.5 Nm @6500 rpm of maximum torque, this is better than other 4-stroke 150cc motorcycles variant.

Here is the Key Tech from Bajaj Pulsar 150cc
1. DTS-i - Digital Twin Spark Ignition
2. Ignition with a Digital C.D.I.
3. ExhausTEC
4. Constant Velocity (CV) Carburetor
5. Throttle Response Ignition Control System III Generation

Again, Bajaj Pulsar 150cc is Best Value for your ride, it's recommended 150cc 4-strokes motorcycles from Bajaj series (in my opinion of course), what's the reason? friendly price and also good performance with 15 PS and lot of tech and features!!, the lack of this bike only shock system, i want to see Bajaj Pulsar come with single shock breaker and not dual- system on the next time. Have a nice day guys.


raj kumar said...

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc is a fabulous bike powered by 150cc engine capacity. This bike has 15.06ps @900 rpm of maximum power and 12.5Nm@6500 rpm of maximum torque. This bike has awesome features.
Pulsar 150Cc Price

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