Tuesday, 8 March 2011

2011 Triumph Speedmaster

2011 Triumph Speedmaster is one of the medium class from Triumph motorcycles, today let see what is 2011 Triumph Speedmaster motorcycles. This motorbike is DOCH engine series with parallel twin engine type, the liquid-cooled integrated for cooling system. 2011 triumph Speedmaster come with more than 800cc of engine displacement, it's 865cc actually, what about the 2011 triumph Speedmaster performance, well Triumph claimed that this bike has 61bhp @6,800rpm of max power, and also maximum torque of 55ft.lbs @3,300rpm, it's strong enough for Me, but if you're the speed freaks, I thing 61Hp is not enough for test your adrenaline, right?
2011 Triumph Speedmaster
2011 Triumph Speedmaster pic from Triumph U.K

What's new from "2011 Triumph Speedmaster"? well, today it's come with more riding experience and also more appearance, for ex is handle bars, this bike come with flat handlebarsand also higfh raiser for more riding ecperience. Fuel technology, 2011 Triumph speedmaster come with fuel injection system to meet Euro 3 legislation, okay it's good for riding in your country and save our world condition. For more safety riding, 2011 Triumph Speed master also powered with Twin 310mm front discs, and it's gripped by twin-piston calipers, goods breaks system for your safety and also feel comfort riding experience.

Product point : Well, 2011 Triumph Speedmaster come for all rider who want to try the cruiser motorcycles from Triumph brand. Speedmaster is good enough with 60Hp of power and also beauty looks appears and of course improved their riding experience with this bike.


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