Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Yamaha Bison / FZ 16 riding experience - Yamaha Motorcycles

Well, I know about Yamaha FZ 16 or also called Yamaha Bison / Byson (in some country) early. One thing that I love about this bike is design, and also comfortable to ride. This is my first riding experience with FZ 16 / Bison and it for 40km - 50km. This bike is so cool, great design from Yamaha, perfect large of wheels and also tires, it's make my riding with this new yamaha 150cc more fun..
yamaha bison
Yamaha Bison handle grip is nice,but, if you are one of the full sportbike style, this bike is not same with your bike, okay let see as like kawasaki ninja 150. The handle bar like touring bike, wider than sport motorcycles series, it's mean, Yamaha Bison also good for touring (IMHO)
yamaha bison tire
130 size of Yamaha FZ 16 tire is large enough, it's like kawasaki ninja 250r right? when i try to start the Yamaha Bison / FZ 16, and  I turn it on the engine, it's awesome, the engine sound very smooth, well.. this  Yamaha 150cc motorcycles also have good muffler. exhaust with great converter.
yamaha bison full
Yamaha Bison powered with 150cc motorcycles and it's SOCH engine, not an injection motorcycles but it's okay with cheap prices. I like the riding experience with Yamaha Bison,.. here is my experience with this bike:

- Cool bike
- (Very) easy to ride
- Smooth engine
- Good muffler/exhaust sound
- Wide handle bar
- Easy to see speedometer
- Comfortable riding with great wheels and tires
- Engine is to usual, not so special
- Just 5 rotary system, (it's must 6 ha.. ha.)
- Need disk brake system on the rear tire

( see more about this bike here -> yamaha bison or bison pics )
Well that's all for my Yamaha Bison / FZ 16 riding experience.. thanks to Denz who give me the change to ride Yamaha FZ 16 / Bison (Byson)... Great bike and it's good value motorcycles.. have a nice day !!


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