Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It's done !! Fiat and Yamaha end partnership

It's done !! After a long-long time hearing about Fiat and Yamaha, I found the latest information that "Fiat and Yamaha end partnership". I know that it's will happen, after Rossi move to Ducati, Fiat and Ducati will ended. Actually, Fiat and Yamaha are a great pair, from the year 2008, Fiat and Yamaha has always been the best in MotoGP. Pair of yamaha, fiat and valentino rossi has changed the Yamaha team become the best in MotoGP, for 3 years, Yamaha and Fiat has won many matches.

The team announced on Twitter that the partnership would not be renewed: "The team will change title sponsor and therefore it won't be 'Fiat Yamaha Team' anymore." The team’s official website also confirms the agreement is over.(uk.eurosport.yahoo.com)

then, who the replacement fiat on the yamaha? I do not know about this news, obviously, been there some sponsors who will be selected by Yamaha management to become a partner with a Yamaha motorcycle, in MotoGP this year 2011. So.. will it be Fiat Ducati? I don't know guys.. let see together later..


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