Monday, 13 December 2010

Yamaha Bison with My Friend Picture - Yamaha Motorcycles

Here is the Blue Yamaha Bison 2010, it's my friend Dennis.. Hi dude ..Yamaha Bison is the latest 150cc motorcycles from Yamaha, it's also called Yamaha FZ16 or Byson Yamaha. The Bison Motorcycles designed looks like Yamaha FZ8, great deaign !! so.. here we go.. Sorry.. the Yamaha Bison Pictures is not so good, it just taken by my 2Mpx Window Mobile phones..
Here is Dens and Yamaha Bison / Byson 150cc

Yamaha Bison

Yamaha Bison side
Yamaha Bison on the side view
Yamaha Bison blue
Yamaha Bison on the front view
New Yamaha Bison
Rear View Yamaha Bison
Yamaha Bison rear view
Congratulations for your new yamaha bison dens !!

Pics taken a few month ago where New Yamaha Bison/Byson released, He can buy a new yamaha bison from the Yamaha Motorcycles seller relation, so He can get Bison with easy..


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