Monday, 17 January 2011

Suzuki Katana 600 - Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki Katana 600 is one of the medium class from Suzuki motorcycles, why? because Suzuki Katana 600 is not race oriented but it's more about comfortable to ride motorcycles. You know that Suzuki have one bike that special for race and full sportbike riding design, there is  GSX600 series,and this is Katana 600 with touring style. Yeah Suzuki Katana is not 100% racing bike or sportbike series, so.. you can't get more performance and fast speed on riding with this bike.
Suzuki Katana 600
Base of Suzuki Katana 600 are 600cc of engine capacity, four-stroke type, 4-cylinder with 16 valve, air/oil cooled of cooling and also DOHC. If We looking in to this info, We know that Suzuki Katana 600 is not bad, still have a good specs for 600cc motorcycles class, 4 cylinder with 16 valve is great for me, Katana 600 also powered with DOCH that can make this bike powerful. But design style and also riding style is not as like GSX-R series with full sportbike style, this is why Suzuki Katana 600 is not so popular, peoples know more about GSX-R series with awesome design and of course it's tuned for race and high performance.

People also confused for finding a beginner motorcycles with 600cc class, So, if you looking for not racing tuned bike series, Suzuki katana 600 may perfect for you, it's medium performance with enough power, good riding style (not racing style), and also more comfortable than full sport bike series. Good luck.


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