Sunday, 21 November 2010

Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati .. looks great !!

Well, after Black Ducati, here is the real Fiat Ducati !! Rossi on the Fiat Ducati looks great !!, i mean the red Ducati is awesome.. Valentino Rossi still with 46 logo on the Ducati Bike.. I can't say anything again about Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati,.. so guys.. better you check this out..
Valentino Rossi and Fiat Ducati Pictures taken from many source..

Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati
Front View of Rossi Fiat Ducati
Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati 2
Valentino Rossi on the Fiat Ducati
Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati 3
Fiat Ducati on the stage
Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati 4
And here is Rosi on Fiat Ducati on the circuit
*update Dec 2010 : The pics may edited by photoshop.. so it's just for fun only, thank's to visitor correction, let se the real Valentino Rossi with Ducati MotoGP motorbike next years..
*Update Jan 2011 : the real ducati rossi bike cheks this out here "Rossi Ducati"
Thanks and have a nice day..



What a bunch of pfotoshop pictures...
Fiat Ducati doesn't exist yet, and as for the 2 pics with Rossi in action, in one pic is written "Stoner" on the wind shield, and in the second the shadow at the number is not corrected so it appears like the 6 from 46 is a sticker...sticking out. And at the one with the front fairing and number of the bike, I mean the first pic, on the windshield is Hayden's logo.
Not to mention that the Ducati that Rossi will be riding has a pair of wings on the side of the fairings, for stability at high speed, and in those pics none of the bike have them.

Ganjar .N said...

thank's for your info dude.. yeah you're right, after i try to find the trusty picture about Rossi with Ducati motogp bike picture, i can't found it.. the pic on the article about may not 100% accurate.. and may photoshop edited, okay let see the real Ducati Rossi bike next years.. thank's for your correction
regard : Blog Admin

katana said...

what with this picture ??
is this also edited photo??

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