Monday, 20 December 2010

Honda Vario - Honda Motorcycles

Honda Vario is one of 110cc scooter automatic from Honda Motorcycles, Honda Vario was very popular in some country in Asia, Honda Vario also have another series, that's Honda Vario techno, Honda motorcycles created this bike for young people, but's. We will talk more about Honda Vario techno later, Back to the basic of Honda Vario scooter, you can see here the features, taken by Me from official Honda motorcycles.. here they are

Honda Vario
Honda Vario Features:
- 150 cc of engine displacement
- Automatic Transmission
- Scooter with sporty design
- built-in liquid-cooled engine
- Absolute Styling
- Absolute Riding Performance
- Absolute Security (Parking Brake Lock, Side Stand Switch, Secure Key Shutter,
- Secondary Air Supply System (SASS)& Catalytic Converter
- Auto Choke

Here.. more Honda Vario galleries
Honda Vario black
Honda Vario Black
Honda Vario red
Honda Vario Red
Honda Vario white
Honda Vario White
all reference pics credit to: honda official website

So.. you can see that "Honda Vario" is more than automatic motor bike, Honda Vario have a lot of design, more colors variants, and also great features. People who want to try the 110 cc automatic transmission will loved this bike,.. Honda Vario is cool bike !! great job Honda !!


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