Friday, 17 December 2010

250cc motorcycles - beginner class battle has begin !!

Well, It's the right time for all 250cc motorcycles brands to bring their 250cc motorbike to the battle area, After along long time, today, we can see that 250cc motorcycles was very popular, but why? it's because the motorcycles market has changed, they need more 250cc motorcycles variant, Kawasaki, as the first time with ninja 250 series, and then Honda with their new Honda CBR250r, and today, I also find the new product from Suzuki motorcycles, there is Suzuki GW250 !! what !! it's the right time for battle !! who is better?
250cc motorcycles - suzuki gw250
250cc motorcycles Suzuki GW250 at Motorcycles Show
I found 3 big brands 250cc Motorcycles today, there is Ninja 250, Honda CBR250R, and also Suzuki GW250, but truly, there are still another 250cc motorcycles as like Hyosung GTR and also Migelli, but i thing this is not the same class with big name Honda, Suzuki and also Kawasaki.(in my opinion of course)

So.. the Ninja 250cc is full sport fairing motorcycles and also  Honda CBR250R sport fairing motorbike, Suzuki came with street fighter bike.. Ninja 250cc and also Suzuki GW250cc used 2 cylinders system on enginem Honda came with single cylinder with DOCH technology.. I can't suggest you to choose one of them.. but so far.. there are the 3 best 250cc motorcycles that i ever found on the web news..  


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