Saturday, 20 November 2010

2000 Suzuki FXR 150 Top Speed Video.. 160kmh ?

Here is the 2000 Suzuki FXR 150 Top Speed, you can see that this bike can run at 160kmh !! Oh yeah it's awesome Suzuki FXR 150 .. watch this.. i hope the video still available

I have read another Suzuki FXR 150 articles and they said that FXR 150 is fast enough, and top speed can run more than 150kmh, so.. The 2000 Suzuki FXR 150 on the video is fast motorbike!!

Suzuki FXR 150 is 150cc motorcycles from Suzuki, today.. We can found the Suzuki FXR reborn as named Suzuki Satria FU150 in Indonesia, Suzuki Belang 150 in Malaysia, and also Suzuki rider in another country.. design and looks appears was changed.. but basic for engine is almost same between FXR and Satria Fu 150 / Belang 150 / Rider150... what about top speed? a lot of rider said that Suzuki FXR 150 is fastest than all..


Mr Zakwan Johan said...

i own both fxr and suzuki belang. For me, the fxr (stock) is more faster than belang (stock). The fxr hp is 20hp while belang is 16hp.

Ganjar .N said...

Hi Johan, agree with you, FXR is better than Belang 150R, as I know that Belang 150R reborn from FXR variant, the power of FXR better than Belang.. great bikes.. FXR is full sport bikes while Belang/Fu/Raider is underbone series.

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