Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Yamaha Bison / Byson Motorcycle picture and design

Well, before you try this bike, you must to know more about it, that right it's Yamaha Bison / Byson Motorcycle picture and design. "Yamaha Bison" or "Yamaha Byson" is new sportbike motorcycles from Yamaha, it's also called Yamaha FZ16 in India, but in Indonesia, this motor bike called Yamaha Bison or Yamaha Byson. Look at the Yamaha Bison / Byson Picture below and you will find more about this motor bike. see Yamaha Byson release news if you want to get it ^_^

Yamaha Bison / Byson
Starting from the tank, the shape of handlebars, down to the legs, Yamaha Byson designed in accordance with the characteristics of bikers in the country (indonesia).
"It's the first Indian to attend, but the design Byson originally from Indonesia and developed here, so native to Indonesia," said GM Motorsport Promotion and YMKI, Paul S Firmanto
Yamaha Bison / Byson

He mentions, domestically Byson does tend to be present in the country longer than Tajmahal. Presence could take some time to appear in the country, said Paul, simply because a higher specification considerations than in India.
Yamaha Bison / Byson

To India's first purposely present for image building, but if here we think about quality because consumers in Indonesia requires a higher specification. That's what makes the emergence Byson here longer than India," he continued.(
Here is the great thing from Yamaha Bison / Byson design
"Muscle Motorcycles !! "
Great Job Yamaha .. !!


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