Friday, 13 August 2010

Yamaha Byson 150 Class Motorcycles release next month !!

Truly, i have know about Yamaha Byson 150, "Yamaha Byson" is so popular in motorcycles forum, this is for 1 years ago i know about Yamaha FZ16 or the Yamaha Byson,. But when the "real time" and really ready in the market?, from many source, after this month August, Yamaha will release the Yamaha Byson, so it will happen on September. Yamaha Byson still in 150CC motorcycles class , because it's used 160CC of engine displacement.

Yamaha Byson 150
I just want to say.. do not expect !! Because, YAMAHA BYSON has been several times in the issues it would appear and ready in the market, but some times also not proven, so, is it really release in the next month?, and is it Yamaha Byson really ready at the dealer? let's see together...
Yamaha Byson 150
*up date:
1. Yamaha Byson Video = free style, burn out, stunt..
2. Yamaha Byson was released
Have fun guys.. Byson is awesome bike !!


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