Friday, 30 July 2010

Kawasaki Eliminator - Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycle

Kawasaki Eliminator - Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycle : Kawasaki Elilimator motorcycle is one of Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycles. If I observe, Kawasaki eliminator is not seem too many different with any other cruiser motorcycles. "Kawasaki Eliminator" was introduced in 1985 by Kawasaki Motorcycle manufacturer. This Motorcycles are experiencing many changes and type, engine capacity, Kawasaki eliminator have more series and power variant, there are small CC and and also large CC.
Read the wikipedia files below :
"..... Currently billed as a "power cruiser", the first two incarnations of the bike, namely the 1985 and 1986 ZL900 models, were in fact almost street replicas of a drag style bike, featuring shaft drive, very short gearing and forward seating with a handlebar that barely qualified as legal. The motor for both of these machines was in fact the same motor available in the 900cc Ninja of the same year, albeit with slightly different exhaust and intake configurations. Available in black for 2005, the Eliminator 125’s styling features include a stepped seat with laid-back riding comfort for two, a stretched 3.4-gallon fuel tank, straight-flow exhaust and chrome-plated single headlight(wikipedia)"

A lot of Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycles changes and transformation.. let see in the next post..


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