Friday, 30 July 2010

Honda CBR 125 - Honda Motorcycles

Honda CBR is Honda Sport series that very popular, e.g  Honda CBR 125 created by Honda Motorcycles for new beginner rider, you know that Honda CBR 150 R is more popular than Honda CBR 125, but i thing it's very nice and perfect for young rider who want to try the sport and full fairing motorcycles, for more detail, you can read : 2009 Honda CBR125

Honda CBR 125 - Honda Motorcycles
"Honda CBR 125" come for Europe market, what about the performance? The Honda CBR 125 is only have 125CC of engine displacement with SOCH technology, not DOCH as like Honda CBR 150R or Ninja Kawasaki 250. But it's oke, fast and comfortable for new beginner rider Motorcycle. advantages of this motorcycle is the design. Honda is very smart, with less power, this bike looks great. If you want to have cool-looking motorcycles, Honda CBR 125 is one of the best candidates. Remember, this bike just for beginners, maybe also good for women's. But, if you want to have more power, you can choose his brother "Honda CBR 150 R"


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