Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Honda Sport Motorcycles , where you going?

Honda sport motorcycle sales is declined, in some countries like in Asia, sales of Honda sport motorcycles can lose from other manufacturers, such as Yamaha. Why does this happen? I actually feel, Honda products always miss. as an example is the Honda Mega Pro (Indonesian version), this motorcycle using a carburetor and 160CC, Honda sold more expensive or the same as the Yamaha FZ15 motorcycle (Yamaha V-Xion), Yamaha YZF 150 uses injection and using a mono shock breaker, with prices Honda almost the same premises, of course, the consumers prefer to the Yamaha, is seen from the tech spec and Motorcycles..

If Honda wants to lead the sales, then the honda should make a good sports bike! also note between price, quality, and of course the technology used. Sports bike lovers, now can choose, at a decent buy, and which ones should be on leave, Honda has become the leader of a sports bike a few years if, but with time, competitors began to beat Honda. Previously, Honda CBR had become the best-selling motorcycles, it's because of Honda CBR 150 (honda cbr 150r spec) has many advantages, but now, instead I saw a lot of Honda rical began making a good progress ..


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