Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Honda Cuts their Motorcycles Prices

Honda Cuts their Motorcycles Prices - Honda Tokyo : Prices for Honda motorcycles will cuts, from many of source said, this price reduction as a Honda target for the youth in Japan. Lots of motorcycle models, which will experience a price cut. This price reduction, will range between 10% - 30% and will come into force on new products for Honda motorcycles.

We as a lover of motorcycles, will be very pleased with this Honda plans. We also hoped, Honda will cuts all of their products throughout in all around. For example, if Honda Motorcycles, Honda CBR 150R worth $ 2,000 dollars, then after cuts or there is this price reduction, will be cheaper, if 10% only, we will get a Honda motorcycle as like CBR 150R with a price of $ 1,800!

Honda has not given in detail, the motto of anything that would cut the price, but with no news of this, we can save more money ..


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