Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Honda CBR 150R You are beatiful motorcycles !!

Honda CBR 150R is not the new full sport motorcycle, yeah, but i think Honda CBR 150R is still the best for 150CC motorcycles between Kawasaki Ninja 150R or Ninja 150 ZX150 / KRR. Honda CBR150R come with 150CC of engine displacement and DOCH technology, it's the best think that i can found on Honda CBR 150R. So.. truly, there are another 150CC motorcycles as like Yamaha YZF R15, but CBR 150 still the best so far.. you can check it at 2009 Honda CBR 150R Spec.

Honda CBR 150R
Honda CBR 150R is fast enough, you can get 150kmh from CBR with no modification, but you can try search Honda CBR 150R top speed at youtube.com and there is some rider who ride this bike and get more than 150kmh, i found Honda CBR 150R can run at 170kmh !! Why i love this bike? there is simple and powerfull, of course this is more cheap than CBR 600R or 500CC motorcycles.

If you like 150CC motorcycles series, you can try it, the beautiful motorcycles from Honda, "CBR 150R" !! Simple, cheap, full sport fairing, DOCH technology, monoshock, and of course it;s very beauty !!
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Okay have fun and what about you?!!


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